I am rebuilding my monk knowledge from the ground up and I thought I would point out an addon that I have found to help me in said task.  In the first few dungeons that I have DPS’ed and LFR raids (luckily the DPS role and Tank role in LFR gives the same loot) I have relied on Bitten’s SpellFlash: Monk to highlight the next logical ability to use in order to maximize damage.


Consider it training wheels for windwalker, you use it to get more comfortable with the ebb and flow of the DPS priority system.  One of the main benefits for this is that it highlights the cooldowns as they become available (other than Xuen which you have to watch)  It tracks the buffs and debuffs as well as it will figure out when in the rotation to add fists of fury to make best use of it.  It is helpful but I would suggest learning WHY you need to push the button, rather than blindly following the add-on.  I will hopefully go through that more as I break it down.


Brewmaster it is not that great at.  I actually turned it off when I got the hang of the priority system, because use of defensive cd’s should not be decided by an add-on.  Once you get the hang of keeping up shuffle, using guard on 3 stacks, and expel harm when < 90% health, the priority system feels much simpler than WW.


As I delve further into BrM and WW, I’ll let you guys know.

Mistfit transformed

Hey all,

I didn’t get to update most of the weekend so I thought I would let you all know what is going on with my monk as some fairly drastic changes have occurred.  The first and foremost is I have given up chasing progression for the sake of progression.  The amount of stress and the time investment doesn’t make sense for me anymore.  There was a time I could do that, but I have other things going on right now.


That being said, I moved back to my old server (Proudmoore, alliance) and joined up with some buddies for casual raiding.  They were in need of a tank, so I stepped up and dusted off my agility gear (ilvl 464 atm).  It is like learning a new class from scratch as I have been completely focused on mistweaver for the past few months of prep and launch.  I will try and keep some posts up for the mistweaver spec as I know a few of you guys come here just for that spec, but I will also be exploring the brewmaster and windwalker specs more now.



Mistfit, the Draenei brewmaster (US)-Proudmoore.

Ok, so I have had a couple of questions regarding my stance on mistweaver mastery and its priority in gearing and reforging.  I thought I would muse upon this since there is a lot of disagreement within the monk community.


First off, what is the mastery bonus and how does higher mastery help?  Our mastery is called Gift of the Serpent and it is healing spheres that have a chance to spawn with all of our heals including eminence heals.  These spheres are free and increasing your mastery rating just increases the chance per heal that one will spawn.  It will spawn at a random location close to the target of the heal and will heal anyone that walks over it as long as they aren’t full health.


Where does it go in our stat priority?

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Monk 5.0.5 Hotfixes

Confirmed the Zen Sphere: Detonate fix, and we now have 30% lower healing on spinning crane kick.  This is important information as it will adjust how you manage your aoe healing.  Uplift / chi burst is looking like the only real options for AoE healing and based off the WoL rankings I’ve seen we have been quite dominant.


Still, by reducing our output they are in danger of overcorrecting and making us ineffective.  I am keeping my eye on these changes and will have to relearn (again) how to heal effectively to max effective HPS.


  • Detonating Zen Sphere now does progressively less damage when more than 10 targets are affected.
  • Zen Pilgrimage: Return now ensures that the journey is round trip.
  • Rising Sun Kick now always properly applies the Mortal Wounds effect to targets it damages.
  • The healing generated by Spinning Crane Kick has been reduced by 30%.

Quite the week ahead of us.  Heroic Mogu’shan Vaults is open for those guilds who cleared 6/6 normal last week and at the time of this post Blood Legion and Vodka are both 2/6 H 25m, and I would expect big things from them.  The rest of us can look forward to using LFR to help the gear up and progression through normal as I expect the majority of guilds going 6/6 this week or next depending on their gearing RNG.


My guild ended last week with 4/6 and Elegon was the hardest fight I have had to heal so far.  Instant dispels needed, constant raidwide damage and punishing melee healing.  My healing was going between 29k and 42k depending on the attempt but I was having mana issues and tanks were dying as the breath was coinciding with annihilation.  Between me and the holy pally I run with we could not keep the tanks up through the first phase.  It being the end of the raid week we called it after a dozen attempts where we got to phase 3 a handful of times.  The only bright moment was when we one shot Spirit Kings after only about 4 attempts the night before.


I’m looking to get some LFR gear and hopefully easing my mana concerns.  Good luck to anyone attempting heroics this week, I see Spiritbinder being one of the first stumbling blocks followed by Elegon.

Hey all,


Last night we made a push to get caught up a bit on progression and reclaimed our realm 1st with a kill of the spiritbinder.  We two healed the fight with me and a holy paladin.  I had been used to 3 healing the first 2 bosses so switching to 2 was a bit of a strain but we managed to kill spiritbinder after 10 wipes.


I finally found a fight that the glyph of uplift was worth it and boy was it.  If you correctly alternate with the other healer you have in effect unlimited mana until 20% when you can’t go into the spirit world anymore.  Keeping renewing mist on all the raid (especially the ones with voodoo dolls) and spamming uplift during the time you are out of the spirit world kept everyone up without too much issue.


Only time it was painful was if you missed a trip into the spirit world like me when I had voodoo dolls for the last 2 totems of the fight.  Lucky my healing partner carried the healing for the last 10% or so as I was sucking fumes.  Spirit kings attempts continue tonight and hopefully I will have something to report tomorrow.


Link to my WoL is here.  I ranked on the fight 75th which is the first time I have ranked so far this expansion.

Poll of the Week

Happy Monkday everybody, just curious how far everyone got the first week of raiding in MoP.  The content was challenging and was not a pushover as everyone was expecting.  Our raid went 3/6 and we are trying to push 4/6 tonight so we can get a clear next week.